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  1. macOS quick tip: Find a file using the Terminal

    As a systems administrator, I often have to search for a file on different systems. I usually go into the terminal and use the #!shell find command.

    However, on macOS, you usually get a lot of output that is not relevant, such as Permission denied or Not a directory errors …

  2. Restoring a network Time Machine backup

    Apple computers come with a simple backup solution called Time Machine, which essentially backs up data every hour or so either to a connected USB drive or to a network storage device, usually a Time Capsule.

    It happens that sometimes the Time Capsule backup cannot be restored using the usual …

  3. macOS Yosemite: Full screen mode

    Apple has changed the behaviour of the green stoplight button with macOS Yosemite.

    Previously, when you clicked on that button, it would zoom the window. From now on, it activates the full screen mode for the application. Although it seems that it is not possible to return to the old …

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